Elite Analysis is Rezzil’s unique post-match analysis tool.

Harnessing the power of multiple data platforms enables you to replay, analyze and instantly view all kinds of data from any angle. A real timesaver for performance analysts.

A host of tools allow coaches and analysts to generate unique data sets such as pitch control voronoi patterns and real time players stats.

Designed from the ground up to run on Mac and windows laptops, you can take Elite Analysis anywhere.

Available from only £95 per month

Rezzil Constellation

For the first time, a realtime pitch control overlay (voronoi diagram) is available in a single click.

No longer will you have to spend time coding in “R” or a similar language to extract pitch control model.

View constellations per player in real time or as average space control over a match.

Direct Integration with Opta

Elite Analysis automatically adds data from Opta feeds including F1, F7, F24 and F40 as standard. 

Shot maps, touches, heatmaps and even accurate player heights and builds will be used to enhance your experience.

Feeds can be viewed solo or in conjunction with video and optical tracking data.

Multiple Tactical and Drone Camera Views

Watch your game from several static vantage points, any position on the pitch or even follow a player’s point of view.

Orbit and dolly controls allow user to view around a player at any point or in real time.

View virtual tactical cameras, 18 yard box top down, behind either goal, corners and more.

What Else?

  • Fast Data Importing – Tracab, Second Spectrum, Metrica, Track160, Instat, BallJames and many others.

  • Match Tagging – Create your own or import from Sportscode in a single click to the timeline.

  • Simple User Interface –  Thanks to its simple user interface you can become an expert in minutes.

  • Drawing and visualisation tools – Use live in real time or export to use in later sessions.