Rezzil events offers unique football experiences not found anywhere else.

With a choice of branded Rezzil drills or a complete custom football experience, you will draw the crowd at any event and give your guests a one off chance to experience an elite level technology in a fun and engaging way.

Apply your own brand to the Rezzil experience.

Each visual element of Rezzil can be customised to fit in with your event or product launch, from a logo on the pitch to 3D models of your product around the grounds, even your virtual legs can be branded!

Get competitive with live leader boards.

Leader boards are a great way to promote competition and at the same time gather contact info. Your brand and the top 10 scores will be displayed on screen along side the Rezzil experience and can be streamed live anywhere in the world to maximise engagement.

Build a football scenario of your dreams!

Anything is possible with Rezzil,  replay historic football moments, replace the goals with an SUV, or create scenarios usually reserved for elite players… like scoring a goal in front of the Kop.

Get social with Rezzil Score Cards.

Pictures of players in the experience is great for sharing on social media, but Rezzil also generates a score card for each user which can be customised and shared instantly by the user or saved for follow up after an event.

Take Rezzil anywhere.

Our kit requires a minimum 3mx3m space, can be wireless and fits into 2 carry on cases, so we can be anywhere in under 24 hours. We’ve done events all over the world, all we need is power.

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