Five hidden stars of the NFL

On every team in the NFL, you can find a hidden gem that doesn’t ever get talked about by the fans and media. However, these guys aren’t just great players, they are integral to the team’s success and can’t be nearly as good without them. Here are five guys that perfectly fit this description.

The first is Micah Hyde on the Buffalo Bills. The star safety seems to get underrated on a team filled with star talent like Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Hyde has only had one year with the Bills where his Pro Football Focus grade dipped under a 79.5. He does everything that you can want out of a safety, as he offers elite coverage and great versatility to fly all over the field. They would have let up a ton of big plays without Hyde locking it down.

The next is Demario Davis, the New Orleans Saints line-backer. Davis is consistently underrated despite his tremendous impact on the Saints defence as a whole. He isn’t a line-backer that consistently gets interceptions and forced fumbles like a Darius Leonard type of player, but he’s the heart of this unit. His coverage keeps on improving and his tackling ability is impeccable. Without him patrolling the middle of the field and practically doing it all for New Orleans throughout these past few years, their defence wouldn’t have been nearly as good as it has been.

Then we have Quandre Diggs, the safety for the Seattle Seahawks. Diggs falls under the radar due to the franchise trading picks to get Jamal Adams a few years ago. Adams is the big name on the secondary, but Diggs keeps them together. He’s not got the physical profile that Jamal has but that doesn’t matter. The former cornerback turned safety has speed to fly all over the field and defend anything over the top. The reason he’s been so good as of late is because Adams plays more inside. As we all know, Jamal Adams isn’t necessarily a coverage safety, leaving most of the responsibilities to Diggs and boy has he delivered.

Next is Hunter Renfrow of the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders have had big talent on offense these last few years that everybody has known. Derek Carr and Darren Waller are a beautiful connection. However, Hunter Renfrow has consistently been the guy for Carr in tight situations. Only recently has he started to gain attention but by no means is he on the level of superstar in the NFL community like Waller is. Renfrow is the third player in franchise history to record over 100 plus receptions in just one year. Remember the name or not, Renfrow is the one true constant in the Raiders’ offense due to the injuries to Waller and Josh Jacobs. 

Lastly, we have Rashan Gary, line-backer for the Green Bay Packers. Gary doesn’t have a single Pro Bowl or All-Pro selection but remove him from this team and they are significantly worse on the defensive side of the ball. He has 16.5 sacks and three forced fumbles since the 2019 season first began. He’s locked down one side of the defensive line the last few years as the Packers defence remains towards the top of the list. If Gary were to leave, you’d see a big drop-off in quarterback pressures and sacks.