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As an academy manager, you’ll no doubt have thousands of metrics to measure a player’s technical, tactical and physical attributes.

But do you know which players have outstanding mental attributes?

The players who will produce game changing moments under pressure? The players who will remain composed in the last minute of a final or the first minute of their debut?

Introducing Rezzil from MiHiepa, the most powerful way to develop resilient elite players of the future.

Rezzil uses a series of compact, measurable drills that track important mental characteristics in first team soccer players. Rezzil players interact with a virtual ball using natural soccer movement patterns.

Rezzil’s environments simulate extreme game pressure scenarios. At the end of each session Rezzil outputs a single, easy to understand score metric for easy comparison and development plan creation.

Rezzil will provide you and your team with performance dashboards and data insights as part of your investment into your player’s future.

Rezzil iPad Stats

Rezzil creates thousands of natural movement data points with every use that build a picture of a player’s wellness, cognitive capabilities and skill level.



Rezzil has the ability to benchmark and record objective pre and post injury performance parameters, as well as reducing time for return to match fitness or RTP.

With no need for handheld controllers to move your feet, accuracy and immersion in Rezzil is unparalleled.

Using Rezzil benchmarks to
determine match fitness.

Rezzil is designed to be a comprehensive benchmarking platform, measuring capabilities across several key areas with every interaction.

Over time and regular usage, this allows us to benchmark a player’s average scores when fit. Key drills such as: Pass Awareness, Colour Combo, Number Pass and Proprioception measure everything from decision making through to balance and stability in a low risk virtual environment that is comparable to and aligned with on pitch capabilities.

As players can use Rezzil from very early stages in their recovery pathway we can build a complete picture of their readiness to return to play.

By combining recovery scores with the “fit average” scores, we can give club doctors and physios the confidence to RTP players sooner.