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How Premier League footballers train in virtual reality – welcome to the future (and present) of coaching and analysis.

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Hawksbee and Jacobs serve up sports news, big guests and more. It’s the reason afternoons exist.

Rezzil feature Starts @ 19:52

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VR FC How Liverpool and Man City stole an edge on their competition using Rezzil VR system.

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Vincent Kompany invests in Manchester sports tech business.

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READY PLAYER ONE Man Utd kids embrace new VR future – assisted by Man City skipper Vincent Kompany.

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Can VR change how footballers train? Top Premier League clubs are already using the tech to get an edge…

Keys and Gray beIN Sports Interview with sporting director Andy Etches.

Try the latest VR that’s unlocking the secrets of the sporting mind.

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WATCH: Blackpool players use Virtual Reality to improve technical and decision-making skills.

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“Here’s what FIFA of the future could look like in VR, and it’s incredible”.

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“Putting the ‘real’ into virtual reality: the teams building virtual worlds on HTC Vive”.

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“VR Startup, MiHiepa Give’s Virtual Legs to Soccer Players”.

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“How Premier League clubs are using virtual reality to gain an edge on their rivals.”.

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“HTC est venu sans smartphone au Mobile World Congress 2018, préférant mettre en avant la réalité virtuelle. Le Vive Pro était ainsi présent, et nous avons pu l’essayer”.

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“Could VR help rehabilitate injured footballers?”.

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“El app de la compañía británica Mi Hiepa Sports ofrece más precisión gracias a los adaptadores de posición y las gafas de realidad virtual HTC Vive Pro”.

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“I played football in VR using Vive’s new trackers and it was a beautiful thing”.

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“HTC Vive Pro, multijoueurs, éducation : où en est la réalité virtuelle au MWC ?”.

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“The most convincing VR experience I’ve ever had didn’t involve my hands”.

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