Aaron Rodgers is officially with the New York Jets 

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Aaron Rodgers is officially a New York Jet. The trade we’ve been waiting for in the past few months has finally returned. While it has been set in stone for some time that Rodgers wants to play for the Jets, that dream wasn’t a reality until both franchises could agree on a trade package for the future Hall of Fame quarterback. That compensation has since arrived.

Let’s cover this trade from both sides. Starting with the Jets, they pick up a few things. They acquire Rodgers, take the Packers first-round draft pick at number 15, and grab a fifth-round pick at number 170. The Green Bay Packers will acquire the Jets first-round pick at number 13, a second-round pick at number 42, a sixth-round pick at number 207, and a conditional second-round pick in 2024. That second-round pick becomes a first-rounder if Rodgers plays at least 65 percent of the Jets snaps at quarterback this year. So, the Jets acquire Rodgers, swap first-round picks with the Packers, and gain a fifth-rounder. The Packers acquire an upgraded first-rounder, a second-rounder, a sixth-rounder, and a conditional second that could be a first. 

This trade went through sent waves of excitement throughout New York. General Manager Joe Douglas said, “Obviously, Aaron is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play this game. To have an opportunity to add a player of that calibre, you’re always going to look into it and how it fits within our culture, within our team.”. He also said how excited they all are to add somebody like Rodgers to the fold, which now makes them an immediate contender to win the Super Bowl next season with a completely different outlook.  

One other factor in this entire situation that is now looming is what happens to the young Zach Wilson. Wilson didn’t say very long ago that he planned to make any other quarterback’s life hell in practice every day this offseason. It’s hard to imagine he’d give Rodgers a run for his money, and this trade almost guarantees a year on the bench, but still. Douglas believes that this trade will be the best thing for Wilson. He said, “I feel like this will be a great thing for Zach. Zach’s ceiling is unlimited. No one works harder, no one loves ball more than Zach Wilson. And him having the opportunity to really shadow and be with a first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback every day, every hour he’s in the building, that’s a great opportunity and a great experience.” 

Wilson will have to be prepared if anything were to happen to Rodgers, whether it’s a benching or an injury. However, he will likely have time to work and get adjusted alongside Rodgers in this scheme throughout the offseason. After all, it’s only April still. Just like Wilson, Jordan Love will officially get his chance in Green Bay. Love’s waited for a few years to become the starter, and now he finally gets to show the world what he’s been able to learn. These two teams have exciting futures ahead of them. 

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