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Adding Rezzil to your club will add a new dimension to your player’s training

Rezzil Index is complementary to field work, using virtual drills designed by the world’s best players.

Rezzil improves cognition, decision making and overall resilience. A series of cognitive drills that simulate game pressure scenarios are performed to calculate a players Rezzil Index.

The best kept secret in sports.

The world’s most advanced training system you can take anywhere. Designed by athletes, for everyone.

Rezzil Player is an ever-growing collection of athlete-designed training drills that will improve your fitness, sharpen your vision and train your skills.

Available on Meta Quest, Pico VR, PC and PlayStation VR2

Exar.live is Rezzil’s unique post-match analysis tool.

Ingesting data from optical solutions such as Second Spectrum, Hawkeye and Tracab, exar.live aims to streamline data feeds into a consistent format and deliver globally to analysts and developers to use in meaningful ways.