The World’s Leading Cognitive Sports Trainer

The World’s Leading Cognitive Sports Trainer

Trusted by the worlds best

Rezzil is used by high profile sports teams to elevate training and optimise performance.

Athletes can improve cognitive skills by using Rezzil, and we can measure that with tests that have validity

“Rezzil’s applications not only provide a fun and engaging sport experience for athletes, but they also allow sports scientists to quantify athletic performance and injury risk”

For Business

Engage customers and deliver
groundbreaking events

For Teams

Why your sports team
should use Rezzil

For Individuals

Take your game
to the next level

Driven by science.

Rezzil Index has been developed through applied research with some of the world’s best football coaches and players.

Rezzil Index is the only virtual reality training software for football that triggers the same neuroplastic responses as training with a real ball.

Rigorously investigated and complimented by academic validation, the Rezzil Index is the best way to increase a player’s chance of success.

Train Like a Pro, Anywhere.

Whether you’re a Premier League striker, high school quarterback, streetball point guard or a Formula One driver, Rezzil Player will help you find your edge and win.

Rezzil Player is an accessible but insanely capable AR and VR sports training game that will help you find the next level of performance.

Data-driven, post-match analysis.

Ingesting data from optical solutions such as Second Spectrum, Hawkeye and Tracab, exar.live aims to streamline data feeds into a consistent format and deliver globally to analysts and developers to use in meaningful ways.

The ultimate sporting experience

Our Rezzil Kiosk platform provides a unique opportunity to bring participants closer to the sports they love by giving them a taste of elite sports training and top-of-the-range technology.


Play. Connect.

Starting to get Super Bowl fever? 🏈👀

We certainly are! 🤩

Join us on the field and see if you have what it takes to “find the inch” like a pro QB! 🏟️

You can even try out our new Super Bowl challenge! Available now for a limited time on Rezzil Player. 🏆🥽

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The training secret of the world’s best. 🤫

Keep it to yourself. 😏
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Let's go Altay! 🔥🧤

In the absence of André Onana, Manchester United will be looking to Altay Bayındır to take the reins of the number one spot this weekend!

United will take on Newport in the 4th Round of the FA Cup this Sunday on the 28th January.

Rezzil Player user, Bayındır is expected to make his debut for the club.  Wishing you the best of luck Altay!🤞
Train hard and have fun! 💪🤩

The words of West Ham United forward, Michail Antonio.
Tired of full gyms in January? 😑

Bored of the same old workouts?

We’ve got something for you... Spice up your training at home with Rezzil Player! 😏

🔸 Achieve your fitness goals
🔹 Train like a pro
🔸 Engage in immersive workouts 
🔹 Track your progress
🔸 Connect with a like-minded community

Hit the link in our bio to download now on your VR headset.

Available on:
⭐| @metaquest
⭐| @playstation | PS VR2
⭐| @picoxr
⭐| @htcvive
⭐| @steam_games_official
Great to see @jawright._ make his 1st team debut for @mancity last Sunday! 👏

Jacob has been putting in the work behind the scenes for years! ⚽️

Keep up the good work Jacob! 🔥💪

🎥 | @footballfitfed
Make this your year. 🫵

Be More In 24.
Unwrap the ultimate training experience this holiday season nd level up your skills with Rezzil Player! 🎅⚽

Did you know that world-class players like Marcus Rashford use Rezzil Player to take their game to the next level? 🌟 🎁 

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge virtual reality drills and challenges that will push you beyond your limits! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Rezzil Player is designed for everyone to improve their game. 

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Getting an @htcvive Elite headset for Christmas? 👀🎄

Be sure to download our free demo, SKILL SHOT for some fantastic football fun!

You can take part in two exciting soccer games!

🥅 | See how many goals you can score in a race against the clock in our exhilarating shooting drill.

⚽| Practise your passing technique in a battle against the defenders in “Pressure Pass”.

Test your skills, and let us know how you get on! 🔥
Increase your fitness! 🔥

Step up your reaction time! 💨

Play alongside the best! 🐐

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💭| The thoughts of none other than Thierry Henry on Rezzil.
Play like never before!

Immerse yourself in VR simulations that will make you feel like you’re stepping onto the pitch or pushing yourself in the gym alongside your favorite sports stars. ⚡️ 🎯 

Join the Rezzil Player community this Christmas! 🎄
A glimpse into the future! 👀

We are proud to be launch partners of the new @htcvive Ultimate Trackers.  Unlocking a whole new world of possibilities for soccer training, wherever you may be! 🌎⚽️

📍| @rovers / @roverswfc 

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🚨🎮 Attention, sports lovers and VR gamers!

The wait is finally over, Rezzil Player is now officially available to download on the Playstation Store for Playstation VR2! 🎉 

Immerse yourself in the ultimate virtual reality sports experience and take your skills to new heights! ⚽️💥 

Take on new monthly challenges, climb the leaderboards and become the champion of the virtual pitch! 🏆💪🏻 

What are you waiting for?! Grab your copy today! 🎮😎 
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