Index 2 receives major update with expanded features and deeper insights (v2.1.01)

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We’re pleased to unveil the first major update for Index 2 (version 2.1.01). This upgrade delivers a comprehensive set of new features designed to refine your skills and empower you to achieve your training goals. With this update, you can experience an expanded selection of drills, enhanced user experience for a smoother workflow, and valuable data insights to improve your training regimen.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

Enhanced drills

  • Volleys and Board Test graduate from BETA
  • These drills are now fully integrated into the training, offering a more comprehensive assessment of your skills.

  • Volleys get a major makeover
  • New modifiers like smaller portals, varying return delays, and moving portals will challenge your reflexes and anticipation.
  • Restart on misses to keep you focused and helps you refine your technique.

  • Board Test gets a fresh look
  • A new board design and barriers on easier levels provide a more engaging experience.
  • Randomly chosen boards at new levels to keep players engaged.
  • New modifiers like Volley Return (tilting boards) and Foot Priority (specific foot requirement) add a layer of complexity for users.

Introducing new BETA drills

  • Test your reflexes with Shot Stopper (goalkeeping)
  • Sharpen your shot-stopping skills in this exciting new drill available on Rezzil Player.

  • Tee off with Golf
  • Hone your accuracy with three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) and 9 challenging holes.
  • Track your progress with per-hole and full breakdown scores.
  • Use the skip button if needed when using the Operator UI.

  • Hit the bullseye with Darts
  • Perfect your aim with Round the World, a game mode that requires hitting segments in order. Three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) to cater to all skill sets.
  • Difficulty is further enhanced with platform height modifiers (Lower/Raise).

VR Player UI for Enhanced Control

  • Take control of your training with the new VR Player UI accessible from the Profile Select menu.

  • Interact with VR menus using controllers to:
  • Start an Index.
  • View your Index Stats.
  • Start a drill.
  • Change levels and modifiers.
  • Navigate post-drill menus.

Improved calibration and User Experience

  • Boot calibration gets a major upgrade
  • Experience a more reliable and accurate calibration process.

  • Enhanced in-game and post-game stats UI
  • Get a clearer picture of your performance with visual improvements.

  • Global stats on Operator UI
  • Track overall user progress for better insights.

  • Printable Index Reports
  • Generate detailed reports offline for post-training analysis using the PDF button.

Additional Features

  • Countdown audio
  • Stay focused with an audio cue for the last 5 seconds of a level.

  • Passing improvements
  • Enhanced passing accuracy to Subbuteo players and pressure pass targets.

  • Colour combos with a twist
  • New modifiers like Swap, Flip, and Swap/Flip add a fun twist to customising your training.
  • A new indicator displays colour layouts for easy reference.
  • Show the strike zone map on the floor for improved targeting.

  • Updated tutorials
  • Drill-specific tutorials to ensure you’re fully prepared before diving in.

  • Skippable safety check
  • Get straight to the action with the option to skip the safety check during calibration (Use with caution).

  • Enhanced visuals
  • Enjoy improved animations for goal targets, portals, and ball emission.

  • Balls with a spin
  • Experience a more realistic ball experience with added rotation.

  • Leaderboard view
  • Track your progress and compete with others in the Drill Select menu.

  • General data synchronisation improvements
  • Enjoy a smoother and more seamless experience.

The Index 2 version 2.1.01 update reflects our ongoing commitment to providing you with the most effective training tools available. We encourage you to explore the new features in-depth and leverage the data to personalise your training regimen for optimal results.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to innovate and elevate your training experience.

Rezzil Team. 

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