Rezzil Index is a suite of virtual drills designed to analyse, benchmark, educate and improve any player.

Our drills have been academically validated and are used around the world by top clubs, players and managers.

Rezzil Index

A series of cognitive drills that simulate game pressure scenarios are performed to calculate a players Rezzil Index.


The test takes around 20 minutes to complete and can be used to benchmark large groups very quickly. The data is passed into our secure web portal for you to interrogate and look for player characteristics such as:

  • Decision making
  • Working memory
  • Spatial awareness
  • Situation awareness
  • Concentration
  • Agility
  • Planning
  • Foot bias
  • Technical adaptability

Data Driven

As players perform the Rezzil Index Test, data and stats are sent to our secure database. Accessed at club level; coaches, scouts or managers can view the data in realtime.

Our online web portal displays the data in easy to understand metrics, exported raw or as a player report card.

Club level and world ranking leaderboards are available to promote competition within your club.

Hardware Requirements

Rezzil Index runs on high end PC using either a Vive Pro or Valve Index headset and 2 Vive trackers.

Recommended Specifications

  • Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Intel i7 9th generation or above
  • Nvidia Geforce 2060 or above
  • 16gb memory

Rezzil Index works in small spaces of  3×3 up to 10×10 metres. Wireless options are also available.


Rezzil Index is software subscription only and includes support and access to our cloud services. Contact us to setup your account and start training your players today.

Subscription Includes:

  Index Software with 5 Drills

  Online Stats Portal

  Online Leaderboards

  Access to Knowledge Base

  Video Training

  24h Email Support


Per Month Using Own Hardware

No Setup Fee

No Contract

Basic Support


Per Month Using Rezzil Hardware

£5k Setup Fee*

6 Month Contract

Premium Support

*Hardware finance options are available. Contact us for more info.

Not Convinced?

Check out Rezzil Index Lite for free. These entry level drills use the same professional level VR simulation technology as its big brother. Download at your leisure and get to grips with the software before commiting to the full Rezzil Index.