Rezzil Kiosk on show at the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League Festival with TNT pundit challenge

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On June 1, Wembley Stadium was the backdrop for an electrifying climax to the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League, where Real Madrid triumphed over Borussia Dortmund with a 2-0 victory. As fans gathered to witness this monumental match, they were also treated to an innovative and immersive experience at the UEFA Champions Festival courtesy of the Rezzil Kiosk’s VR Football Challenge. 

The festival was held from May 20th to June 2nd, across five iconic London locations: Potters Field Park, Regent Street, Somerset House, South Bank, and Trafalgar Square. This free event provided fans with four days of football-related entertainment, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

Team Rezzil were with TNT Sports at London’s bustling Regent Street, closed to traffic for a special two-day takeover on May 30th and 31st. This unique event entertained and allowed fans (and others passing by) to engage with football in a new and innovative way.

Fans had the unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the champions and take pictures with the prestigious UEFA Champions League trophy. Giant versions of the official match ball provided a fun photo opportunity, while live music performances, including a Heineken DJ bus, added to the vibrant atmosphere. The event also featured giant team jerseys and a special exhibit showcasing kits from all 32 teams in this year’s competition, celebrating the diverse talent in the league. 

Additionally, fans could test their football skills in various penalty shootout challenges and enjoy engaging activities and freebies from several UEFA partners such as Doritos, Heineken, PlayStation, and Turkish Airlines.

Rezzil Kiosk takes centre stage

At the heart of the Regent Street takeover, the Rezzil Kiosk drew in crowds with its cutting-edge VR Football Challenge. This interactive setup invited fans to test their header skills in a virtual reality environment, competing not only against each other but also against legendary TNT Sports pundits. 

Fans take on the challenge

he VR Football Challenge saw enthusiastic participation from over 400 attendees, including fans from various clubs, journalists, and pundits. Donning VR headsets, participants stepped into a virtual stadium where they could feel the thrill of the game. 

Special shoutout to TNT’s Becky Ives, who took 9th place with a score of 3,351 (https://x.com/Becky_Ives_/status/1796597890258960613)

Crowning the champions

Among the many who took part, a few emerged as top performers and were crowned champions of the VR Football Challenge. Their impressive scores were celebrated, reflecting their skill and precision. Rezzil team member Niamh Dunphy shared her excitement: “To be a part of the build-up of the Champions League final was truly special, and it was great to show people what we’re doing at Rezzil. Everyone was very enthusiastic, and it was probably our best event yet. I think giving people the opportunity to experience the famous Champions League music inside of Wembley with their club colours on really resonated with the fans.”

Pundits put to the test

Fans had the thrilling opportunity to test their heading skills against legendary TNT Sports pundits. Football icons such as Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, Glen Hoddle, Owen Hargreaves, Peter Crouch, and Robbie Savage took on the Rezzil Kiosk challenge, adding an extra layer of excitement and friendly competition. 

Michael Owen stood out by topping the shooting challenge leaderboard with a score of 4,083, showcasing his enduring prowess. Followed by Rio Ferdinand at 3,224 and Ian Darke at 3,197.

Beyond the scores

The Rezzil Kiosk VR Football Challenge generated significant buzz and positive feedback. It reinforced Rezzil Kiosk’s position in the VR sports entertainment space, as fans praised the innovative and engaging nature of the experience. 

Overall, it was a resounding success, bringing together fans, journalists, and pundits to celebrate football and innovation.

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