Super Bowl preview: Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers

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The Super Bowl is set, and we have the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Francisco 49ers in a matchup that a lot of people don’t like. However, that isn’t to say either of these teams aren’t the best in the league, because they might not be here otherwise. Let’s take a closer look at how the Super Bowl might go.

Starting with the Chiefs, the problem this season has always been their offense. They just happen to be lucky enough to have a generational quarterback talent in Patrick Mahomes, paired with a phenomenal tight end in Travis Kelce and an excellent playcaller in Andy Reid. The rest of their offense, including the offensive line, feels suspect, to say the least. The three people I just mentioned are a great reason why they’ve made it this far. As for their defense, that’s what has carried them. They are able to play man or zone coverage, given their secondary; they have fast linebackers who can communicate well and a defensive line that usually gets after the passer pretty well. None of this has even talked about how great Harrison Butker is on special teams because he’s been unbelievable when kicking from a distance. Overall, the Chiefs are a great team, but the other playmakers on offense need to continue stepping up if they want to win.

As for the 49ers, you’ll find talent wherever you look. Brock Purdy might have been the last pick in the draft, but he’s not playing like it. He’s led game-winning comeback drives multiple times in the playoffs already and has shown an ability to be the guy San Francisco needs to win a Super Bowl. It also helps when you have offensive talent around you, like Christian McCaffrey, Trent Williams, George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk, and Deebo Samuel. This makes that 49ers offense very explosive and could give the Chiefs defense a good battle. On the other hand, the 49ers defense has started out slow the last few games. When they’re clicking though, it’s hard to put up points. In the second half of the last two playoff games, they’ve completely stifled both the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. They have Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw roaming the middle and a ridiculously talented defensive line that hasn’t even been playing their best football. Yes, Ambry Thomas got picked on at corner a little bit, but that whole secondary is good enough to cover that here, especially due to the Chiefs not really having a top receiver option besides Kelce. 

On paper, if you’re looking at these teams, it’d be hard not to pick the 49ers to win this game. The problem is that the Chiefs keep on winning despite all odds. Whatever they need to do or have happen, that’s what has happened for them in this playoff run. Keeping that in the back of my mind, I believe they will come out on top and win this game. 

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