The West Ham United Women’s experience with Rezzil Index

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Professional football is constantly evolving, and West Ham United Women are known for their innovative training and player development approach. Utilising Rezzil Index in their everyday practice, our advanced virtual reality platform is revolutionising how its players enhance cognitive abilities, recover from injuries, and maintain competitive spirits.

In the video below, we hear from Aidan Boxall, West Ham Women’s General Manager, who highlights why Rezzil Index has been a fantastic addition to their training ground.

Seamless integration and cognitive improvement

Rezzil Index has been seamlessly integrated into the West Ham Women’s daily training routines, proving to be an intuitive tool requiring minimal technical knowledge. One of Rezzil Index’s main functions is to develop players’ cognitive performance, focusing on critical areas such as decision-making, spatial awareness, and technical adaptability. This incorporation has led to noticeable improvements in players’ reactions and decision-making on the field and in training.

The platform’s competitive nature has become a significant aspect of its appeal. Players are encouraged to outperform each other’s scores, adding a fun and competitive element to training sessions. This has improved individual player performance and fostered team spirit and camaraderie.

Also featured is Chris Pipe, West Ham Women’s First Team Coach, who discusses the need for a balance between technology use and on-pitch training and the benefits of using technology to track player performance and provide feedback.

Pioneering in rehab and recovery

The Rezzil Index stands out for its application in rehabilitation, which is particularly beneficial for players recovering from ACL injuries. It provides a low-impact, highly effective component to the recovery regimen, allowing players to engage in cognitive drills without physical strain. This aspect is crucial for maintaining players’ mental engagement and motivation during the often-challenging recovery period.

The platform’s design is underpinned by scientific research and validated by empirical studies, ensuring that the drills are beneficial and directly applicable to on-field performance. It allows players to continue honing their skills without the physical demands typically associated with traditional training methods.

In the same video, Dr. Ben Greenhough, Head of Sports Research at Rezzil, shares the use of data analytics for player development and how research shows women are at greater risk than men for ACL injuries in football. Tailor-made environments can help develop skills and reduce risk.

Exclusive opportunity for professional clubs

To expand the benefits of the Rezzil Index, a special offer is now available for professional clubs. Rezzil is offering a one-month free trial for five professional clubs to experience the Index’s transformative impact. This trial is an excellent opportunity for clubs to explore how virtual reality can complement their existing training and rehabilitation programs.

Professional clubs interested in taking their training and rehabilitation processes to the next level are encouraged to reach out and secure their spot for the free trial. This offer is a limited-time opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits that West Ham United and other top teams have seen. By integrating Rezzil Index into their training regimen, clubs can offer their players the latest cognitive development and recovery solutions.

For more details and to apply for the trial, professional clubs should visit https://rezzil.com/wh/ as places are expected to fill quickly. Embrace the future of football training and join the ranks of elite clubs, revolutionising their training practices with Rezzil Index.

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