Tony Pollard doesn’t care about the franchise tag

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Dallas Cowboys fans don’t have to worry for the time being when it comes to paying Tony Pollard. Pollard has openly stated that he’s content with the tag with so much other running back controversy regarding future contracts and how much they are owed. Something that you certainly won’t be hearing anywhere else in the league. 

Pollard was expected to walk into a huge payday; considering he was so good, Dallas cut ties with long-time back Ezekiel Elliott. Unfortunately, the two sides couldn’t agree on a deal, so Dallas handed him the tag, which he signed. When asked about his contract situation, he told reporters he was completely okay with not making more than the $10 million tag. Pollard also said, “At this point, it is what it is. I signed the tag. I’m here in camp. I’m just ready to focus on the main thing and just stick to winning.”

It can’t be understated how much relief this comment gives the entire Cowboys franchise. They won’t have to worry about a star player holding out and missing meaningful camp time or even creating headlines in the media with his absence. Pollard is fully locked in on this upcoming season, and it’s already shown beyond his determination to win.

Pollard was taking questions at camp about his role in the offense, and he said, “If they call it, I’m gonna haul it. Whatever they throw at me, I can handle it. I’m ready to go. Whatever they throw at me, I’m gonna make the most of it, and we’ll see how that goes.” If healthy enough for the season opener, Pollard could be primed for the biggest season of his career without having to split touches with another runner. 

It is also worth noting that Pollard broke his leg during their playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers, but the recovery process has gone incredibly well. The only true worry with this situation is that Pollard is coming off that injury while also never operating as a workhorse in an offense. There’s no telling what that could do to his body, especially due to running backs getting hit every play. Dallas will have to be smart early on, though they have shown in the past that they aren’t afraid to feed him when necessary. For example, he averaged about 18 touches per game during weeks 7-15 last season.

If Tony Pollard can make it through camp strong and be ready to go by the season opener, we could be preparing to witness a phenomenal year from the Dallas back. I think he’ll be trying to prove to the franchise that he’s worth every penny they could offer him and maybe even get a long-term deal sooner rather than later. Elliott was given a massive payday for his contributions to this offense already. Dallas has no problem dishing out money to their stars, and Pollard could be next in line.

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