Rezzil is the world’s leading platform for developing elite soccer players.

Used across the world from academy level to European League and World Cup winners. Rezzil builds resilience in athletes when it is needed most: during the last minutes of a high-pressure game.


Rezzil Elite offers tools for post-match analysis, rehabilitation, and virtual training. All our tools are designed and tested in collaboration with the top clubs and data providers.


Elite Analysis is Rezzil’s unique post-match analysis tool that harnesses the power of multiple data platforms to replay, analyze and instantly view all kinds of data from any angle. A real timesaver for performance analysts.


Rezzil’s elite virtual training includes all the features from Index plus goalkeeping drills, remote training via our Drill Builder app and rehabilitation tools to monitor and track recovery. Contact us to discuss the package that’s right for your club.


Rezzil Index is complementary to field work, using virtual drills designed by the world’s best players: Rezzil improves cognition, decision making and overall resilience.

A series of cognitive drills that simulate game pressure scenarios are performed to calculate a players Rezzil Index.

The test can be used to benchmark large groups very quickly and the data can be used to look for player characteristics such as; Decision making, Situation awareness, Technical adaptability and more.


Rezzil Player puts you in the soccer boots of elite players.


Built with Rezzil’s professional level VR simulation technology used to train pros in clubs around the globe, the game features ‘real world’ drills and challenges.


Whether you choose to take on the world or destroy your best friend’s score in local party mode, Rezzil’s pro level simulation will astound you with its authenticity and accuracy.

The Rezzil Strategic Partner (RSP) program

Through the RSP initiative, we partner with high performers and reward them for delivering a positive and engaging Rezzil experience.

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