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Rezzil is the world’s leading platform for developing elite soccer players. Whether you’re just starting out or one of the best in the world, Rezzil will improve your game.

The Rezzil platform is complementary to field work, using analysis tools and drills tested by the world’s best players: Rezzil improves cognition, decision making and overall resilience.

Rezzil drills are academically shown to identify a player’s strengths and areas to improve; with scores on accuracy under pressure, technical adaptability and our proprietary Rezzil Index you can quickly see how to step up to the next level.

What’s your Rezzil Index?

Who is using it?

Rezzil is used across the world, in 9 countries at every level of the game – from academy to European League and World Cup winners.

Designed to adapt to all levels of the game from grassroots to elite, Rezzil is the only way to rapidly compare players and analyse game events.

Rezzil builds resilience in the athlete when it is needed most: during the last minutes of a high-pressure game.

The Rezzil Strategic Partner (RSP) program

Through the RSP initiative, we partner with high performers and reward them for delivering a positive and engaging Rezzil experience.

But what is it?

Academy – A unique set of Virtual drills to test players cognitive abilities. Designed to analyse, benchmark, educate and improve any player.

Elite – A suite of post-match analysis tools enabling players to replay a match from any position to improve decision making on the pitch.

Recovery – Analyse and record your teams physical properties, then track recovery against their benchmark, make rtp decisions with more confidence.

What else?

We have an eco system that operates across key areas and club departments, from foundation to first team match analysis.  You can immerse in wholly or cherry pick the most useful Rezzil apps for you.

Analyse and compare players performance in our powerful portal.

Create your own VR drills and recovery exercises in our online drill builder.

Import data from Tracab, Metrica, Sportscode and more.

Custom branded drills and leader boards for special events.

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What’s your squad’s Rezzil Index?

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